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If you are a Step Deck Carrier, or you have loads requiring step deck trailers, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for loads, our "Visitors View Loads" page displays ALL loads currently posted for step deck, double drop deck and gooseneck trailes but you will need to subscribe to have access to the contact information.,, and are all Internet Freight Terminal loadboards and a subscription to any of our sites includes member access to the others.

It's a good idea to add your company profile to our Guestbook to let other know you exist. You can greatly enhance your entry by sending us a picture to be included FREE with your entry. When shippers and brokers are looking for carriers our Guestbook is a good source of leads and a GOOD entry can be extremely helpful. You need to take the time to provide sufficient information about your company so when someone is looking for a carrier in your state they can quickly determine if you can help them.


POST YOUR LOADS FREE: If you are trying to move loads and you need a step deck, double drop or gooseneck trailer you are welcome to setup a free posting account. Your postings will be included in the load pages. In addition, is an Internet Freight Terminal website so your postings will also appear on the loadboard.

Also, to find potential carriers, please visit our Guestbook. It has entries from companies from all parts of the country who have step deck trailers and there is a good chance you will find some who can help you move your freight. If you need step deck trailers on a regular basis, please add your company profile to this page to let others know about your needs.

Step Deck Trailer Specifications

Shippers, understanding the legal restrictions on load size will help in choosing the proper type of trailer for your load.

Flatbed trailers are generally 48' or 53' long and most are 102" wide and 60" to 62"" high. The total height of a load cannot exceed 13'6" without permits which means a regular flatbed load should not exceed 8'4" high. Singledrop trailers can usually handle loads up to 10' high. DoubleDrop trailers have a well that can typically handle loads up about 29' 6" in length and up to 11' 8" in height.

Removable Goose Neck or RGN trailers are similar to a doubledrop trailer but the front deck can be separated from the lower deck for loading purposes.


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